To utilize same software employed by the banking sector. Sky Betting and Gaming has employed the services of GBGroup whose transaction monitoring technology will allow the operator to detect fraudulent activities more efficiently and identify signs of problem gambling more effectively.

Sky Betting and Gaming is the GBGroup’s first online gaming company to employ its global identity transaction monitoring software, the same software used by the banking sector to spot fraudulent credit card use and identify transactions linked to money laundering activities.

Peter Murray, Head of Gaming at GBGroup commenting on the deal said: “As a multi-billion pound industry, online gaming providers have a social responsibility to ensure their products and services are ethical, fair and that players are protected.”

“The key challenge is to distinguish between fraudulent and ‘good’ gamers, VIPs or problem gambling and Sky Betting and Gaming is at the forefront of online companies looking to take responsibility for ensuring they support and facilitate ethical gaming. GBGroup's software can go a long way to help this process.”

Richard Flint, Managing Director at Sky Betting and Gaming, added: “GBGroup's technology allows us to take our trusted relationship with our customers one step further – not just in terms of the products and service we offer, but also that the information we know about who they are and how they play is being used for their benefit and safety. GBGroup enables us to understand their behaviors so we can protect them throughout their gaming experience.”