Sportrated offers betting stimulation and retention

Tuesday November 11,2014 :  NEW SUITE OF B2B SPORTS BETTING TOOLS
Sportrated offers betting stimulation and retention
Cophart Technologies, a software company founded by a sports bettor-turned entrepreneur, is marketing a new suite of B2B sports betting tools under the Sportsrated banner.
The Sportsrated suite is designed to increase organic acquisition and retention in sports betting with the ultimate goal being the use of its interface as a bet stimulation tool.
The product is designed for integration into existing websites and new-to-market projects and includes a range of mobile and second-screen applications aimed at providing the user with meaningful insight, pre-match, in-running, and post-match.
‘With statistical analysis of sport now routinely being utilised in the mainstream media, it is time for the sports betting industry to sit up and take notice," David Copeland for Cophart Technologies said.  "Customer loyalty can be achieved by embracing this shift towards analytics, if the user experience is intuitive and fun".
The product has been two-years in development, apparently moulded by a team of software engineers and experienced gamblers.