Unibet Launches Recreational Poker Site

Wednesday February 19,2014 : UNIBET LAUNCH INDEPENDENT POKER PRODUCT (Update)
New recreational player ecosystem on offer
Unibet launched its stand-alone poker product targeted at recreational players Wednesday.
Estonian based supplier Relax Gaming developed the software exclusively for the Unibet and Maria brands which saw the company move from the MPN  to a standalone poker product.
“The environment in the online poker industry has changed over the years and we have come to the insight that being part of a poker network is not sustainable for Unibet in the long term. This project has given us the possibility to start from a blank piece of paper and define everything we believe is important for a fun poker experience. In a way, our goal is to bring the fun back to poker by creating software with a clear focus on the site for the casual poker player” commented Daniel Eskola, Head of Gaming at Unibet late last year.
The software delivers rich graphics, scores of avatars along with missions and achievements designed for fun.
Screen names and avatars can be changed up to three times a day, blocking of HUDs and poker tracking software along with the omission of note take Unibet's recreational ambitions further.
The new poker client is currently available on PC and browser with a MAC client and tablet application expected to follow soon.