1/21/2012 : Veikkaus to focus on further expansion of mobile channel
Finnish lottery operator Veikkaus has launched a new mobile channel in conjunction with Nokia and digital services company Great Apes that will allow its customers to play games and the lottery using their Nokia smart phone mobile device.
The mobile game application for the Nokia Lumia 800, developed by Nokia, offers Veikkaus customers Lotto, Keno, Viking Lotto , Football Pools, Multibet, Fixed Odds Betting and Results Odds Betting with plans underway to expand the service as part of the company's bigger strategy.
"We were instantly speaking the same language with Nokia. The cooperation went smoothly and without problems. In addition we got an outstandingly skilful partner to realize the application," said Veikkaus’ Development Manager of Digital Channels, Janne Vuorenmaa.
Mikael Stendahl, Nokia’s Manager of Ecosystem Developer Experience in Finland and the Baltics, added: "The Veikkaus application offers exquisite user experiences, whilst making the most of the outstanding qualities of Nokia’s Lumia 800. Veikkaus’ inventiveness and will to serve us Finns in the best possible way provides a good ground for future cooperation projects."