Dedicated committee to finalise a key standard during London meeting.
The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) announced Friday that the group's Online Gaming Committee will meet May 12 and 13 in London to do a final review of the Third-Party Game Interface standard.
The Third-Party Game Interface is used to link together iGaming Platforms, Remote Game Servers, and Progressive Servers.
During the meeting, the committee will also discuss standards for online Regulatory Reporting and Software Authentication.
Spokesman Peter DeRaedt emphasised the importance of the May meeting for the industry saying, "This is not the time for suppliers or operators to sit on the side lines. We encourage all interested parties to jump in with both feet to ensure that their voices and opinions are heard as this important standard is being finalized."
GSA Protocol Director, Ethan Tower amplified the purpose of the meeting saying, "We'll not only be finishing the Third-Party Game Interface but also discussing the scope of work and schedules for the development of standards that address critical regulatory reporting and central monitoring requirements."
Tower also noted that, "The committee's goal is to present the proposed standards to the regulatory community this coming fall."
Established in 1998, GSA's members represent a wide cross section of the global gaming industry.