Following orders for its omni-channel product in Spain, company signs Asian deal.
Mediatech Solutions claims that its new IRIS omni-channel gambling platform is proving popular with both online and land gambling operators.
The company recently signed up three Spanish online gambling operators and has just clinched a deal with unnamed Asian companies which will see the platform widely deployed in land-based venues in the region.
A company spokesman said this week that the platform is a "new generation" product which hs been in development for the last 18 months.
"The new platform represents a complete revolution for both land-based and retail gaming operations and has been designed from the ground up with all the knowledge and experience of more than 6 years of continuous development on its existing platform called PAS, or Player Account System,” the spokesman claimed.
He added that the IRIS marketing campaign management tools, bonus engine manager, player segmentation and innovative workflow manager all run on real-time data and allow Mediatech’s clients to provide competitive, unique offerings with market flexibility.